Do you know what Digital Pharma Conference is? It is an event not to be missed, to be held in London on the 31st of January, 2017. The latest trends and insights on Digital Transformation will be discussed with a panel of experts, and how the pharmaceutical industry must adapt quickly to this new paradigm.

Digital Transformation is a new reality and there is no point to look back. It is nowhere near to its peak, and it´s here to stay, for good. By 2018 it is estimated that 25 to 50% of the total income of any given company will come from the digital business, regardless the industry.

Some business sectors have adapted faster that others. Record labels or publishing companies learned years ago that people were changing the patterns of consuming their products. And moreover, they were facing a new and disruptive model of digital behaviour. Kind of a 21st century version of Video Killed the Radio Star. Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, or Amazon Music Unlimited are the big players in the new way people listen to music. Same as when Amazon introduced its Kindle e-books to set up a new arena in the publishing business.

Pharma industry in the UK must tackle the digital transformation as soon as possible. Change its traditional approach to embrace a brand new business model to remain competitive. “Companies with new technologies and approaches are entering healthcare, and challenging pharma´s traditional dominance in the sector”, says Arthur D Little consultancy firm. The digital revolution and the patient are the main focus for the players to succeed. Smart devices, digital tools and new technologies will boost patient engagement and data collection. Data that must be used to provide better service and anticipate customer needs.

To answers all the questions about these changes (which digital tools to be implemented, new marketing strategies, etc.), London will host The Digital Pharma Advances Conference on January 31st, 2017. The biggest pharma companies will share their approach of digital transformation and their insights on the subject. More than 30 speakers will address patient engagement, case studies, innovative solutions and multi-channel digital marketing strategies. The present, what works and what´s not. And the future of the healthcare sector. A One-Day Conference not to be missed. Save the date!

Interested in attending?

If you are a professional of the pharma industry and want to attend, get in touch with us and we will give you a discount code. We look forward to meeting you there soon!


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