On every event, exhibitors are in competition to attract the public. Once it’s done, what do you have to do? The point is to have an impact on the public; To make sure they will remember you; To generate a different and positive experience, one that last over time. How can you do this? A digital stand makes things easier.

How can we create a digital stand? To achieve this, you need to apply technology to your traditional stand. You need to generate an enriched space to go further than a physical stand and last over time. It is not only about attracting and surprising the public. Make sure you make them think about your brand. This is the reason why your stand needs to have a digital extension so that potential clients can always find what they are looking for. The idea is to implement things before, during, and after the event, by multiplying your presence and by optimising your investment for the stand creation.


Digital platform: Before the event, you need to generate a platform which attracts the targeted public, send notifications, take appointments for the D-day and optimise your time and your clients’ one. The platform and the stand design need to be linked.  After the event, give your visitors useful content through communication channels offered by the platform. You can send summary-videos of the event, documentations about conferences and presentations, etc.

Augmented reality: With this technology your stand multiplies the presence rate and offers an interactive experience to the participants. They can discover hiding contents in your stand by using their phone camera. You can apply gamification to attract the public from another point of the event or, directly, fulfill your stand with augmented content to stimulate interaction and to arouse public’s curiosity.

Virtual reality: Applying virtual reality to your stand ensures you an almost constant crowd. It does not matter if it is a medical congress or a domestic tourism exhibition. Virtual reality attracts the audience because it offers a different and intense experience. Communicating through virtual reality has a huge impact and allows to send messages in an immersive way.

To create a digital stand, you do not, of course, need to use all these technologies at once. It depends of your communication goals, the type of event, users you want to reach and your budget. To optimise your investment, you need to plan actions and choose adecuate technology to digitalise your stand. You have to look for digital consultant advices and to bet on the one who offers you the best result. Moreover, never forget that technological combinations can multiply the effect: video wall with virtual reality, gamification and digital platforms, 3D video and augmented reality… everything can be combined to generate more impact and engagement.


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