Corporate training and education has not followed the same evolution as the business world has seen in the last decades. What “yesterday” seemed to be science fiction is now almost a reality (1988, Back to the Future self lacing shoes, virtual assistants like Siri or the one portrayed in Spike Jonze´s Her).

In any business it is key for its workforce to keep up with the pace of change. But this is particularly relevant in the medical/healthcare industry, where everyday there are relevant and meaningful advances that may change the life of not only chronic patients, but their relatives and caretakers. It is very important that healthcare professionals dedicate time and effort to be constantly learning. Only this way they will remain competitive and being able to do their job better.

One of our clients from the pharmaceutical industry, Eli Lilly and Company, came to us looking for a solution for one of their therapeutic areas. The objective for them was to communicate to a broad number of healthcare professionals (GP’s, especialist doctors, nurses) about the benefits of one of their drugs compared to the competitors and also the latest advances on the field.

For that purpose, we came up with the idea of an interactive workshop, where a Key Opinion Leader (consultant doctors of the different areas) leads the sessions following a Case Study in a tablet. Making the lecture an open debate and engaging the audience. As opposed to traditional lectures where doctors just listen to the experts.

We developed a Digital Platform. A Case Study about a fictional patient where the doctors were asked about different courses of action. They just had to select what they would do in the real life, and then commented the results with the KOL. The use of the app was anonymous, so no one was named and shamed, and the overall results were displayed on the screen.

E-lixir provided also a tablet for each doctor (average was 15-20 attendees per session), connected to a local network to be on the safe side (as still wi-fi networks are not 100% reliable), and a technician on-site to take care of all the technical bits.

Spain was the pilot country for this program, and then we extended it to the UK, Ireland, and Portugal. In the UK we have done +250 workshops, and the results have proven to be outstanding.

The post meeting Survey included in the App enabled Lilly to get direct feedback from the audience. An astonishing 90% of the attendees rated this educational method as ideal to keep up to date with the latest advances, to network with their peers, and to get the latest insights from the most renowned physicians in their field. Actually quite a few GP’s demanded more meetings using the same format for other therapeutic areas.

Interaction, engagement and education, all in one go in a seamless event. The digital education for corporate world is here to stay.



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