What is it?
Internal training is key to increase business productivity, keep employees motivated, and ensure compliance with the corporate values.

Why E-lixir?
We have extensive experience developing digital and interactive training programs. We design tailored technology solutions to ensure successful training programs and encourage participation and motivation of employees.

“The trick to education is to teach people in such a way that they don’t realize they’re learning until it’s too late.”Harold E. Edgerton

One of our clients needed to provide accurate training for one of its sales divisions, enhancing teamwork and also keeping the individuals motivated to achieve their targets.

E-lixir solution

We developed a gamification solution fully tailored to their needs, an app available for both iOS and Android. Over a period of sixth months, the different teams faced the same challenges, which only could get past by applying the knowledge learnt in the training modules. With weekly ratings, the score given was higher when the solution chosen involved teamwork. Also we created a score wall, and a social network, where employees could propose new challenges, post pics and comments, to promote competition and also team building whilst the training objectives were met.


One of our clients needed to boost its 1-day training sessions for the management team, and compile in one place the data and results of the training programs. They also needed to provide the training for the managers who could not attend the conference.

E-lixir solution
We designed an app to be used in any device where the attendees could get all the training documents and the information they needed for the day. To solve the problem for those who could not attend, we streamed the lectures and they could also participate and send questions to the speakers in real time. This way everybody in the organization received the same training and after the meeting all the insights were made available in the platform so they could use that valuable information for their daily decisions.


One of our clients in the banking industry wanted an interactive solution to boost the participation in its training workshops and evaluate their response in real case scenarios.

E-lixir solution

We developed an interactive workshop where each attendee had a tablet device to follow a case study, guided by the tutor, and they had to select what they would do in that given scenario. Responses were shown in real time, anonymised, to be commented by the group. This way the attendees received the training in an interactive format, increasing the participation and engagement. All the data was sent to the training department, so they could evaluate the effectiveness of the program, and make improvements for future programmes.

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