What is it?
Who are the opinion leaders in each sector? How much influence do they have? What kind of influence is that? What kind of blogs, applications, social media and websites are your customers using? What do they look for on the Internet? Where from? When? What kind of content is most appreciated? When people search for information, do they find you or they find your competition? How do people perceive you? How they perceive your competition?

There is an answer for each of these questions. Everything can be analysed and measured. The answers define your strategy.

Why E-lixir?
Because we have the ability to answer those questions. We measure, analyse and draw conclusions. We identify niche opportunities and help you to generate optimised strategic plans and appropriate to specific goals.

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen… and thinking what nobody has thought.”Albert Szent-Györgyi
Salud_Estrategia_KOLWhat is it?
Key Opinion Leader indicator. It measures the reputation and influence of a person in a particular area: academic, medical, pharmaceutical, etc. Its use allows the identification and recruitment of the most influential leaders in each field to achieve specific objectives.

Why E-lixir?
Because we have experience in developing effective identification systems KOL. Our system allows recruiting national and international influencers in some medical, pharmaceutical or academic areas. We offer rankings of influence based in professional reputation level of activity in social media. In this way, you can choose the best Opinion Leader for each case, according to the specific objective.

What is it?
This is about to determine the digital behavior of a sector of the population or a specific target audience. The habits of their activity in social media are studied and their digital ecosystem is analyzed: what do they use, when they use it, how often, which devices… The goal is to generate a map of digital behavior that helps us to communicate more effectively with the target audience.

Why E-lixir?
Because we have experience in listening and analysing specific audiences in social media. We track social networks, blogs, digital communities, apps and digital landscape. We know what they say. What is trendy and what is no longer interesting. We analyze the behaviour of the different parties to draw a map of concrete and understandable behaviour, including the attitude your brand generates in the audience, so you can define your communication and commercial plans more effectively.

What is it?
A Digital Plan establishes the communication strategy to follow in digital media to achieve concrete objectives in the short to long term.

Why E-lixir?
Because we are experts in digital consultancy, we have the experience and the know-how. We develop digital plans tailored to your needs and adapted to your budget (big or small) and help you define the ideal communication strategy. What to say, where, to whom and for what purpose. And we also implement the plan: develop websites, applications, social media, SEM campaigns or branded content. We have the resources and expertise needed to develop plans that allow you to reach your target audience and stand out from your competition.

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