What is it?
Awareness campaigns have the objective to provide useful and educational information targeted to specific groups of people (ie, affected by a particular disease), or to a broader spectrum of the population (ej. campaigns about healthy eating).

Why E-lixir?
We plan, launch and manage digital awareness campaigns. We design campaigns that include websites, applications, games, audio-visual materials, even printed contents. Everything you need to deliver the educational message. We use social media and measure the results to adapt it to the actual response of the target audience.

“My conscience means more to me than all speech”Cicero
salud-concienciacion-campaña-en-medios-socialesWhat is it?
The social media are a powerful tool for awareness campaigns because it´s easy to spread the word in a short period of time.

Why E-lixir?
We analyse the target audience and adapt the message to every social network. We use different kinds of materials to communicate the campaign and make it attractive. We measure the interactions and modify the message or reinforce it if necessary.

salud_concienciación_campañas_onlineWhat is it?
Online campaigns using tools or web applications to enhance the active participation of the public through interaction. The user is offered an online space with key information about the disease and treatment that can be used on a daily basis.

Why E-lixir?

We create attractive websites and applications that encourage interaction. We use the web tools that best suit each audience and develop multi-device campaigns.
Salud_Realidad_AumentadaWhat is it?
Augmented reality combines virtual elements in a real space. The user interacts with virtual elements generating an enhanced user experience.

Why Elixir?
Depending on the objectives of the campaign, we generate augmented reality experiences that appeal directly to the emotions of the user to raise awareness.

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