What is it?
Helping healthcare professionals to be up to day with the latest scientific and pharmaceutical findings with specific programs, which must be interactive and stick to scientific data, in order to help them take their own decisions, always having in mind the well being of the patient as the ultimate goal.

Why E-lixir?
We have over 10 years of experience in developing medical training programs, interactive materials developed in collaboration with medical professionals or pharmaceutical laboratories to boost audience engaging. We provide different technological solutions for pharma companies training programs, be it events 100% in the cloud, interactive workshops or virtual reality applications.

“To stimulate life, – leaving it then free to develop, to unfold, – herein lies the first task of a teacher”María Montessori

What is it?
Allow interaction of the user within an IT technology simulated reality, to enhance sensory experience as if it was real.

Why E-lixir?

Virtual reality has become one of the latest technology trends applied to medical training. In collaboration with pharma companies, we can develop interactive and multisensory reality experiences applied to the training of healthcare professionals. Virtual reality helps to explain new techniques or research in a much clearer and impactful way.


After the development of a new drug for erectile dysfunction, the pharma company needed to spread the word about the uses of this drug among the GPs.

E-lixir solution
We developed together with the client an interactive case study, with clear take-away messages to be delivered to their audience, during the road-show workshops throughout different countries such as Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and the UK. A selected group of physicians guided by a KOL were to solve a clinical case making it interactive rather than the usual lecture. The aim is to inform in a practical way of the advantages/disadvantages of using this drug, compared to other similar products in the market. The audience could expose their experience in their daily practice and this way helping each other with relevant and practical information.


Our client, a pharma company, needed to create a tool for training and support pharmaceutical professionals, so they could help their customers on a daily basis with information about their products in real time.

E-lixir solution

We developed a native app with an advice and support community, also hosting online webinars and training courses to be used as an additional tool to face-to-face classes. Each chemist has access via his smartphone or tablet to the online platform at any moment in any place, and also receive personalised help 24/7.

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