What is it?
Engaging the patient to take an active role in their healing process. Provide both useful and relevant information, based on real experiences to help them make their own decisions about the suitability of each medical treatment. Help them to get involved in their own healing process.

Why E-lixir?
We generate patient support materials that promote patient engagement in their own treatment and recovery. We design digital material for patients and their families, accessible on any device. Clearly structured to guide the patient in every step throughout the treatment process in order to ease the experience.

“The true greatness of science is in the end valued by its utility”Gregorio Marañón

What is it?
It is a multi-device and open platform that provides useful information about diseases and treatments to the patient, carers or family members. Using their smartphones or tablets, the patient can find answers to resolve specific doubts about their day to day with their illness, and to have a better understanding of the whole process.

Why E-lixir?
We develop applications for any mobile device and also accessible web portals to create a comprehensive customer support programme. Depending on the disease or treatment, it can include information systems or real-time response, reminders, alarms (for example: warnings of high pollution to respiratory disease), action protocols for specific cases, support groups for family members, etc.


What is it?
We develop specific materials according to the client’s databases, with access only for the patients, with detailed information about each case.

Why E-lixir?
We have experience in the development of specific materials and the creation of online platforms, webapps and native apps, as well as personalised care programmes. We generate adapted materials to each specific case from the databases provided by the customer and also taking into account the own patient experience.


What is it?
Development of materials tailored for young patients and their parents or carers.

Why E-lixir?
We have designers and communication experts specialised in young audiences. We develop intuitive, useful interactive materials for children to help them understand their illness and treatment. The apps include engaging games where each family member has a role in the illness/treatment, with instructional materials.

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