What is it?
Communication and internal training programmes allow sharing experiences and information between different departments of the company, as well as motivating employees and instil the same corporate culture. A good communication strategy involves steady productivity and strong brand identity.

Why E-lixir?
We have extensive experience in developing digital communication programmes and internal training platforms. The goal is to increase employee engagement and participation.

“There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience, and that is not learning from experience”Laurence J. Peter
reunion-directivosWhat is it?
Board of directors meetings are essential to manage and define the business strategies and follow up the goals and analyze how the different departments are performing to achieve these goals. It is key to use dynamic communication tools.

Why E-lixir?
We have been providing digital solutions for these meetings for a decade, making it easier for the speakers to communicate and for the attendees to interact, with the data compiled for further analysis.

The communication department of one of our clients needed a platform to be the hub of information regarding both its clients and internal communication (area managers). They also needed to be able to coordinate their schedules in order to optimize the internal meetings with other departments.

E-lixir solution
We developed a digital platform, in which the area managers could indicate the needs to cover they detected in their areas; and also a private zone with their agenda, contacts details, status of the duties and goals.

These networking platforms can be combined with gamification to encourage further participation and reward the most interesting and useful proposals.

Our client hosted a Family Day in Madrid for three hundred attendees, in different venues within the city, so wanted a platform to make it easy for the attendees to register for the different activities, as well as providing practical information about the day, maps, and the bus allocation.

E-lixir solution
We used the native application Emobile, tailored and branded for our client, to display all the information for the day. The attendees could download it in their smartphones, they were able to access all the venues with the QR code within. Also they had a social feature where they could share pictures, messages, and also participate in quizzes to win prizes.

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