What is it?
Internal training is a key to increase the performance of a company, keep employees motivated and ensure compliance with the corporate culture.

Why E-lixir?
We have extensive experience developing digital and interactive training programmes. We develop technology solutions that ensure the success of training programmes and encourage participation and motivation of employees.

“While we teach, we learn.”Seneca
One of our customers wanted to improve the training workshops for retail sales agents in the high street, not only to know everything about the products but to be able to instill its corporate values.

E-lixir solution
We designed a digital training workshop where each sales agent had a tablet to solve a case scenario. But to be able to solve the case, first they needed to pass a series of puzzles about the brand values and product features.

A customer asked us to find a solution to improve its training workshops, as what they were doing before it seemed inefficient and with no participation from the employees.

E-lixir solution
We designed an interactive session where the attendees used a tablet to solve a case study, with a speaker guiding the lecture. Using multiple answers and anonymous voting, it helped them to interact and propose different approaches to attend the customers in the scenarios. Participative meetings means the take away messages are delivered and also motivates the audience to be an active party of the workshop.

A multinational wanted us to find a solution to train its team managers.

E-lixir solution
We proposed an app where the line managers had to develop a teamwork idea, to enhance participation and interaction within their teams. The participants had to play it, evaluate and propose improvements. The best game was awarded a prize for all the team members. The solution was to use game within a game. Gamification at its best!

The company hosted a 3-day training sessions in three different countries, and wanted to increase active participation in all of the meetings.

E-lixir solution
We developed a digital tool so every attendee could follow the lectures regardless the location, streaming the lectures live and being able to send questions in real time. The presentations were available to download and also they could share ideas and comments.

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