What is it?
Internal training is a key to increase the performance of a company, keep employees motivated and ensure compliance with the corporate culture.

Why E-lixir?
We have extensive experience developing digital and interactive training programs. We develop technology solutions that ensure the success of training programmes and encourage participation and motivation of employees.

“Aprender es como remar contra corriente: en cuanto se deja de hacer, se retrocede”Edward Benjamin Britten
Create an interactive training workshop to encourage participation in a seamless way and allow the tutor to evaluate on the go the response of the attendees.

E-lixir solution
We provided the sales reps with a tablet device each, to interact voting for different options when the tutor indicated. The tutor then commented the different scenarios considered as per their responses, and the best way to solve them. This kind of workshop is very useful to make group sessions more interactive.

One of our customers was organising a workshop to train a third party support team to deal with specific client complaints. They wanted to analyze the language the agents were using, in order to provide the right tone to solve these issues.

E-lixir solution
The attendees to this workshop used a tablet to solve “real” cases of customer complaints, and the coach could spot the use of misleading or confusing terms. The workshop helped the support team to use assertive responses avoiding mistakes and solving any problems the clients may have.

One of our clients launched an online training portal for its employees, but it was barely used. They wanted our advice on how to make it more efficient.

E-lixir solution
We proposed the use of gamification, giving away rewards and recognitions to the employees after having completed a training module. We also introduced team competitions, and the results were displayed in their intranet. In 6 months the use of the platform increased 68%.

The HR department of our client needed a tool to train the line managers, to compile the training documents of every training session, so the executives could access the information at any given moment easily.

E-lixir solution
We created a web app including all the information for every training day (agenda, speakers, Q&A, even streaming if required). There is also a hub space to upload videos, documents, reports.

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