Video killed the radio star. And then became the king of content on the Internet. In 2018 it is estimated that 84% of all web traffic will come from video content. A hundred million users watch online videos daily. 9 out of 10 people watch the videos from the brands they follow in social media. And, what´s more important, 65% of them go and browse the brand website after watching the video. If your company is not using video marketing in your content strategy, do it before it´s too late!

Easy to be consumed, video content doesn’t require any effort from the viewers. And they have proved to be a very efficient way to communicate, about our brand, our products or services, or about our corporate values. An image tells a thousand words. A one-minute video is able to communicate the same as 1,8 million words. If you can say what you want in a video, your communication will be more straight-forward. And way more engaging.

Videos are shared widely across the web, social media, and on mobile devices, and increase conversion rates. A landing page with a video increases up to 80% the conversions. And videos are far more likely to go viral and spread rapidly. Still not convinced? There´s more.

There is more data backing the online video content strategy, as it boosts brand awareness: 80% of users remember better a brand after watching videos about it. 90% of online shoppers agree that watching videos of product/services help them to make purchase decisions. 42% of Internet users admit to have switched from television to watching videos online. More and more influencers are becoming youtubers and engage hundreds of thousands.

It´s affordable

Developing an online video content strategy don´t mean necessarily big budgets. Making the videos is not expensive at all. No need to involve a big production teams as the tv spots usually do. Today´s available technology enhances video production and editing with just a video camera and a laptop. Just need to know how to use them, and more importantly, have a clear idea of what you want to communicate, the story you want to tell, to get the most of it.

We can help you with that, no doubt!


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